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How was Sandakan Like in 1922?

Ever wonder how Sandakan or North Borneo like in 1922? This article written by a book writer described how life…

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Were They The Earliest Sabahans who Travelled to London?

The year was 1897 and a group of North Borneans or Sabahans from the British North Borneo Constabulary were chosen to…

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The History of North Borneo Sabah First State Flag in 1963

This was North Borneo (Sabah)’s State flag which was officially used in 1963. Find out more about the State’s flag…

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History of Formation of Malaysia Explained in Beautiful Sketches (Part II)

This is the second part of History of Formation of Malaysia Explained in Beautiful Sketches. If you missed Part I, click…

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History of Formation of Malaysia Explained in Beautiful Sketches (Part I)

Interested to know more about the history of formation of Malaysia from a different perspective? These beautiful sketches will help you….

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15 Amazing World War II Photos from Around the World

If you love World War II history then you shouldn’t miss these photos taken mostly in the Pacific, Japan, Europe…

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11 Must Have Beautiful Vintage Fridge Magnets for Your Home or Office

Vintage items are gaining popularity and they make great decor for homes, offices and shops. Check out these beautiful fridge…

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Classic Newspaper Advertisements which were Common in 1950s Borneo

In the fifties the world was going through a tough phase of rebuilding and modernisation after the war. This was…

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North Borneo Sacred Legacy Photographic Exhibition at Sabah Museum Begins Today!

When was your last visit to the Museum? You should visit it soon because rare photos of North Borneo by…

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7 Popular Classic Hotels in North Borneo (Sabah) in 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s

In the late 1950’s North Borneo was experiencing an economic and construction boom, and demands for hotels were rising. These…

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