15 Amazing World War II Photos from Around the World

If you love World War II history then you shouldn’t miss these photos taken mostly in the Pacific, Japan, Europe…

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11 Must Have Beautiful Vintage Fridge Magnets for Your Home or Office

Vintage items are gaining popularity and they make great decor for homes, offices and shops. Check out these beautiful fridge…

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Dr Johann Val Stokes was the Pioneer of Aviation in North Borneo

Ever wondered who pioneered the aviation industry in North Borneo? It was Dr Johann Val Stokes. Dr. Johann “Val” Stokes…

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Footage of SEATO ‘Pony Express’ Military Exercise in Kudat, North Borneo in 1961

In the early 60’s, there was a fear of growing communist power in Asia which prompted many nations (mainly developed)…

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Advertisement of a Shop inside a North Borneo’s Newspaper in 1904

Curious of how newspaper ads in North Borneo used to look like in 1904? It was simple and yet entertaining…

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The Railway Man: A Tortured British POW Met His Japanese Tormentor 50 Years Later

Based on a true story, it tells about about a former Prisoner of Wars (POW) who was tortured and meeting his…

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