Footage of ‘Trip through British North Borneo in 1906’ by Charles Urban Trading Company

This video is one of the earliest films of British North Borneo ever recorded that shows how life was in the country. The film was made by The Charles Urban Trading Company was formed in 1903 by the Anglo-American film… Continue Reading

The Railway Man: A Tortured British POW Met His Japanese Tormentor 50 Years Later

Based on a true story, it tells about about a former Prisoner of Wars (POW) who was tortured and meeting his tormentor some decades later. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents knew and felt the terrible things during World War II… Continue Reading

YouTube Video of Declassified Military Photos during Indonesian Confrontation (Konfrontasi)

The Indonesian Confrontation or Konfrontasi is a less known history among Malaysians but undeniably it was one of the most important historical events that happened just after the formation of Malaysia. Tawau, in the Southeast Coast of North Borneo was… Continue Reading