North Borneo Sacred Legacy Photographic Exhibition at Sabah Museum Begins Today!

When was your last visit to the Museum? You should visit it soon because rare photos of North Borneo by…

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7 Popular Classic Hotels in North Borneo (Sabah) in 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s

In the late 1950’s North Borneo was experiencing an economic and construction boom, and demands for hotels were rising. These…

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Netizens Compiled Old Photos of Jesselton, Sandakan & Tawau into these YouTube Videos

It’s great to know when more and more people are appreciating Sabah’s rich history. Watch these YouTube videos containing old…

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10 Beautiful Historic Old Photos of Kudat – the First Capital of North Borneo

In the Northern tip of Borneo is Kudat – the first capital of British North Borneo, and the area remains…

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Dr Johann Val Stokes was the Pioneer of Aviation in North Borneo

Ever wondered who pioneered the aviation industry in North Borneo? It was Dr Johann Val Stokes. Dr. Johann “Val” Stokes…

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Post WWII Footage of Jesselton and Japanese POW Internment Camp in Tanjung Aru

We’ve heard horrific stories from senior folks of the Japanese internment (POW) camps at the current airport site near Tanjung…

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Footage of SEATO ‘Pony Express’ Military Exercise in Kudat, North Borneo in 1961

In the early 60’s, there was a fear of growing communist power in Asia which prompted many nations (mainly developed)…

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The “Missing” Footage of Kudat, Jesselton & Sandakan Just After World War II

This is the best historical footage of North Borneo I’ve ever seen and amazingly, it’s in colour. Thanks to the…

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Part II: WWII Photos of Australian Troops In Labuan After The Borneo Campaign in 1945

Just days after the liberation of British North Borneo from the Japanese, these stunning photos were shot and then kept…

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Advertisement of a Shop inside a North Borneo’s Newspaper in 1904

Curious of how newspaper ads in North Borneo used to look like in 1904? It was simple and yet entertaining…

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