Only in Borneo: His Sister is an Ustazah while Her Brother is a Priest

In this video featured on Astro’s Awani channel almost a year ago, it tells how siblings from different religious backgrounds can co-exist and live together in peace and harmony.

Writer Karim Raslan visited Keningau, Sabah almost a year ago and he met with a brother and sister pair, Father Francis Dakun and Ustazah Noraidah Hidayah Dakun. One is a Catholic priest, and the other, a sekolah agama teacher.

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  1. Henry says:

    I studied Karim’s collection of stories he wrote for newspapers, compiled in a book: during my foundation study in uni’ years back. I was impressed with his thoughts and opinions.

    I am from Keningau and Fr. Francis Dakun used to lead us in the Catholic Youth Community.

    These two people will certainly have something great to share with the world, the thought of the priest and the pen of the writer.

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