Akinabalu the Movie – Inspired by ‘Sandakan Death March’ [Video]

You can now watch full episodes of Akinabalu here if you missed it on TV before.


We should thank Tomie Rain who uploaded the full length of Akinabalu to YouTube.

The 8-episode series which was released in 2010 on Astro Citra featured Dira Abu Zahar, Gavin Stenhouse, Aaron Aziz dan Munif Isa as the main casts. It was directed by Kabir Bhatia.

Some people commented Aaron Aziz’s Sabahan accent sounded rather funny but commended him for trying. The word ‘sia’ or ‘I’ in Sabahan was overused which made it sound odd.

Akinabalu was based on true events about the six Australian soldiers who escaped the Sandakan Death March during World War II.

During the war, Australian and British prisoners of war (POWs) were sent to North Borneo to build an airstrip in Sandakan.

Due to lack of food and medicine, most of them perished during the construction of the airstrip. Most of the officers were moved to Batu Lintang camp at Kuching.

After construction was completed the prisoners initially remained at the camp but when the advancing Allies managed to successfully bomb and destroy the airfield, camp commandant Captain Hoshijima Susumu decided to move the remaining prisoners westward into the mountains to the town of Ranau.

Now relax and enjoy the movie:

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