Expatriates and Servicemen in North Borneo


Over the past two hundred years, there have been thousands of expats or servicemen who worked, lived or based in North Borneo. If you’re one of them or has any relation to them, let us know here. After founding North… Continue Reading

8 World Famous Historical Figures who Visited North Borneo


Did you know that North Borneo has attracted world famous historical figures for the past 100 years? Here were the famous people who paid this place a visit. 1. Muhammad Ali (1975) This person doesn’t need more introduction. He visited… Continue Reading

Sabahans James Wong & Hassan Sani Led Malaysia into Olympics Soccer Qualifier in 1980


If you were lucky enough to watch the Olympics qualifier football match in 1980, you would have been very proud of these two Sabahans in action. James Wong and Hassan Sani are former Malaysian footballers for Malaysia national football team… Continue Reading

North Borneo Sacred Legacy Photographic Exhibition at Sabah Museum Begins Today!


When was your last visit to the Museum? You should visit it soon because rare photos of North Borneo by Mr. Robert Knowles are currently being displayed. Mr. Robert Knowles was the former Director of Customs in Labuan. During his… Continue Reading

Part II: WWII Photos of Australian Troops In Labuan After The Borneo Campaign in 1945


Just days after the liberation of British North Borneo from the Japanese, these stunning photos were shot and then kept in the s in Australia for more than 60 years. This post is a continuation from Part I: WWII Photos of… Continue Reading