Expatriates and Servicemen in North Borneo


Over the past two hundred years, there have been thousands of expats or servicemen who worked, lived or based in North Borneo. If you’re one of them or has any relation to them, let us know here. After founding North… Continue Reading

Melalap Station Restoration and Conservation Project #SaveMelalapStation


If you’ve seen the Melalap Station near Tenom, you know that something needs to be done to save it. Let’s #SaveMelalapStation here now! Melalap is located approximately 135km from Kota Kinabalu not too far from the Crocker Range. Vast area… Continue Reading

8 Antique North Borneo Sketches that Appeared on The Illustrated London News in 1887


Photos of North Borneo were not available in the late 1800’s but Hon Ralph Abercrombie introduced Borneo in the West with his sketches. These drawings were first appeared in The Illustrated London News, which was the world’s first illustrated weekly… Continue Reading

Dr Johann Val Stokes was the Pioneer of Aviation in North Borneo


Ever wondered who pioneered the aviation industry in North Borneo? It was Dr Johann Val Stokes. Dr. Johann “Val” Stokes started his aviation career as an aviator for the United Kingdom during the First World War. He joined the renowned… Continue Reading