Invasion of Australian Troops into North Borneo in 1945 [Video]

Watch Australian troops invaded Labuan in North Borneo and Balikpapan in Kalimantan from the hands of the Japanese during World War II.

Early this year I posted a blog post on WWII Photos of Australian Troops in Labuan After The Borneo Campaign in 1945 which was shared more than 600 times on Facebook. If you haven’t seen them, I would suggest that you do it now.

Recently, British film s British Pathe uploaded about 90,000 historical footage onto YouTube and we’re lucky to find some of them are related to North Borneo. The video below which is titled ‘Pacific Island Warfare (1945)’ shows Australian troops invading Labuan Island.

The footage has the following scenes, and the other part shows battle scenes in Balikpapan, Indonesia which is impressive as well:

Australian troops fighting with Japanese troops on Labuan Island in Borneo. Tanks and infantry advancing through the jungle. Australian riflemen firing at Japanese snipers. Rescuing a casualty from a light tank. Japanese sniper laying dead in the undergrowth. Several shots of native refugees returning to their village and pass a large Union Jack. Various shots of starved natives and Indian prisoners of war some of whom have died.

Watch the video below:

I’ll continue to find other clips related to North Borneo and share them here!

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