Bombing of Japanese-Controlled Oil Refineries in Labuan (Victoria) in 1945 [Video]

Labuan (Victoria) was occupied by Japan from December 1941 to June 1945 and governed as part of the Northern Borneo military unit by the Japanese 37th Army.

The liberation of Borneo began on 10th June 1945 when the Allied Forces under the command of General McArthur landed at Labuan with a convoy of 100 ships.

The 9th Australian Division launched an attack supported by massive air and sea bombardments that resulted in the surrender of the Japanese.

One of the bombing missions was recorded and here are some of the screenshots of the video.

The video started off with a map that shows the location of Labuan.

Then the single-plane drops bombs over a group of oil refinery.

Bombs hit the oil refinery with large explosions on ground. Smoke rises from the targeted refinery with water stream flowing in the foreground

This is a very rare video indeed. You can watch the full length video here.

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  1. That footage is def. not Labuan Island nor any storage tanks on Labuan. That’s miri.

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