World War II


Expatriates and Servicemen in North Borneo

Over the past two hundred years, there have been thousands of expats or servicemen who worked, lived or based in…

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Book Launch of Keningau: Heritage and Legacy in the Interior Residency

A new history book on Sabah’s Keningau entitled Keningau: Heritage and Legacy in the Interior Residency will be launched soon. Find…

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Akinabalu the Movie – Inspired by ‘Sandakan Death March’ [Video]

You can now watch full episodes of Akinabalu here if you missed it on TV before. We should thank Tomie Rain who…

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8 World Famous Historical Figures who Visited North Borneo

Did you know that North Borneo has attracted world famous historical figures for the past 100 years? Here were the…

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Australian Aviator Guy Menzies’ Visit to Jesselton in North Borneo

If you’re a fan of aviation history, you would know that Guy Menzies was once famous for flying the first…

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Invasion of Australian Troops into North Borneo in 1945 [Video]

Watch Australian troops invaded Labuan in North Borneo and Balikpapan in Kalimantan from the hands of the Japanese during World…

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15 Amazing World War II Photos from Around the World

If you love World War II history then you shouldn’t miss these photos taken mostly in the Pacific, Japan, Europe…

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Post WWII Footage of Jesselton and Japanese POW Internment Camp in Tanjung Aru

We’ve heard horrific stories from senior folks of the Japanese internment (POW) camps at the current airport site near Tanjung…

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The “Missing” Footage of Kudat, Jesselton & Sandakan Just After World War II

This is the best historical footage of North Borneo I’ve ever seen and amazingly, it’s in colour. Thanks to the…

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Part II: WWII Photos of Australian Troops In Labuan After The Borneo Campaign in 1945

Just days after the liberation of British North Borneo from the Japanese, these stunning photos were shot and then kept…

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