The pre WWII days of North Borneo


8 Antique North Borneo Sketches that Appeared on The Illustrated London News in 1887

Photos of North Borneo were not available in the late 1800′s but Hon Ralph Abercrombie introduced Borneo in the West…

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10 Beautiful Historic Old Photos of Kudat – the First Capital of North Borneo

In the Northern tip of Borneo is Kudat – the first capital of British North Borneo, and the area remains…

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Dr Johann Val Stokes was the Pioneer of Aviation in North Borneo

Ever wondered who pioneered the aviation industry in North Borneo? It was Dr Johann Val Stokes. Dr. Johann “Val” Stokes…

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Advertisement of a Shop inside a North Borneo’s Newspaper in 1904

Curious of how newspaper ads in North Borneo used to look like in 1904? It was simple and yet entertaining…

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Video of ‘Trip through British North Borneo in 1907′ by Charles Urban Trading Company

This video is one of the earliest films of British North Borneo ever recorded that shows how life was in…

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Newspaper Article on How New Year was Celebrated in North Borneo 100 Years Ago

This newspaper article published by Evening Post of New Zealand describes how locals and expats in North Borneo celebrated new…

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Early Sketches of North Borneo from William Pretyman’s Collection

William Pretyman was the first Resident of Tempassuk (now Kota Belud) and these were some of his collection of sketches…

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This Bell from Japanese Destroyer D-312 Murakumo is on Sale for US$8,500

If you’re an avid fan of all-things-WWII (World War II), you may be interested with this bronze bell from a…

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Brief History on How the Australians Liberated Borneo During WWII [Video]

The Australians helped liberated North Borneo and pretty much the whole island of Borneo during World War II (WWII). This…

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Watch and Learn Sabah (North Borneo)’s History Video in 5 Minutes

Need a quick way to learn Sabah (North Borneo)’s history? This YouTube video takes you through the history of Sabah…

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