Part II: WWII Photos of Australian Troops In Labuan After The Borneo Campaign in 1945

Just days after the liberation of British North Borneo from the Japanese, these stunning photos were shot and then kept in the archives in Australia for more than 60 years.

This post is a continuation from Part I: WWII Photos of Australian Troops In Labuan After The Borneo Campaign in 1945 which you shouldn’t miss as there’s a bit of chronological order to it. The response was overwhelming and based on the comments left in the post, we have had lovely visitors from Australia as well.

Tanks moving towards Victoria township, Labuan

Australian soldier raises a tattered Union Jack on Flagstaff Hill, Regency grounds

Y.M.C.A. truck supplying tea to infantry battalions

Residence area on Labuan showing devastation caused by Allied Naval fire

Wounded receiving medical attention at a roadside clearing station on ambulance jeeps

Infantry under fire from snipers crouch behind vehicles

Engineers begin clearing the remains of Victoria town, Labuan Island. Take a look at the beautiful clock tower in the background. It was demolished after the war, and an exact replica of it was built at another location in Labuan.

Corp. L.R. Bluett, R.A.A.F. reads a letter from home. Just look at that smile on his face.

Ptes. Frank Compton (North Perth) and Roy Johnston (Bridgetown, W.A.) carrying natives’ possessions across a damaged road.

Anyone considering to start making a movie about the battles fought in Borneo?

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Images via Argus Newspaper Collection of Photographs, State Library of Victoria

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