World War 2 Japanese Barracks at Semporna, Darvel Bay, East Coast of North Borneo

Here’s a very rare photo taken in Semporna during World War II. Semporna was a small fishing village on the East Coast of North Borneo.

This photo (source) of Japanese barracks in Semporna below was taken by the late Gustave Lucien Marinier (1916-1995) from Manchester, New Hampshire. He served on Patrol Torpedo Boat 155 in Squadron 9 (RON 9) in the Pacific Theater during World War II as a Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class.


On the back of the photo: Simporna (Semporna), British North Borneo. “Jap Barracks overlooking Darvel Bay, Shelled 263 Japs found dead inside Love, Gus”

Old photos of Semporna are very rare, but we’ll continue to search and post them here.

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