Brief History on How the Australians Liberated Borneo During WWII [Video]

The Australians helped liberated North Borneo and pretty much the whole island of Borneo during World War II (WWII). This video will make you appreciate those who have sacrificed their lives for us. Yesterday I posted a blog post about… Continue Reading

Watch and Learn Sabah (North Borneo)’s History Video in 5 Minutes

Need a quick way to learn Sabah (North Borneo)’s history? This YouTube video takes you through the history of Sabah from prehistoric times until today. There’s very little history of Sabah (North Borneo) written on Malaysian textbooks therefore many people… Continue Reading

North Borneo Historical Society T-Shirts with Vintage Stamp Print Available for Sale

Now you have a chance to show off to your friends, colleagues and the people around you how much you appreciate North Borneo’s rich history. North Borneo Historical Society’s Facebook page hit more than 10,000 Likes last month which shows… Continue Reading

Philippe B. Funk’s Rare and Beautiful North Borneo Picture Postcards

Philippe Funk was a Chinese Hakka from Sandakan, British North Borneo. He was the single most important publisher of printed pre-war postcards of North Borneo. A bit about Philippe Funk: His family headed by Mr. Fung Tain Yew (Fung Chung… Continue Reading

Three Came Home Movie: Agnes Keith’s Story in British North Borneo’s Sandakan During WWII

Three Came Home is based on a a true story of Agnes Newton Keith’s imprisonment in several Japanese prisoner-of-war camps from 1941 to the end of WWII. Separated from her husband and with a young son to care for she… Continue Reading

Watch this Short Video Documentary of The Sandakan Death March

Late last year, I posted an article about the Sandakan Death March of which six Australian POWs managed to escape. Three died later and only three from the original 2,434 were alive to bear witness at the War Crimes Trials… Continue Reading

2500 Australian and British Prisoners of War (P.O.W.) Died During The Sandakan Death March in 1945

Sandakan, the prison compound in British North Borneo held 2,434 Australian and British POWs, captured when Singapore fell. They were transported in a decrepit tramp steamer, the Yubi Maru, to Sandakan to help build a military airstrip for the Japanese.… Continue Reading